Our professional staff is trained to achieve the desired results from the simple task of bookkeeping to more complex transactions. Whether finding business development loans, financial budgeting, financial analysis, financial reporting, taxes (planning and filling) or acting as an agent in securing commodities (soybeans, sugar, olive oil) in the international market at the best price, or consulting in IT Technology or Business Development, our team has the expertise to achieve the desired results.

ALDA is your overall business consultant; we can manage all of your accounting needs, find the capital needed to grow your business, get your IT technology going or find the best price available in the international commodities market. Our seasoned objective prospective allows us to determine your specific needs. Our goal is to be creative in choosing and developing a business structure and framework that promotes future growth potential for your company. As your business consultant, our goal is to provide you with the solutions and results that challenge even your own expectations.
ALDA Financial Group, LLC
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ALDA Financial Group, LLC
Building On One Success At A Time
Based in Florida, the ALDA team is specialized in the following key channels areas:

Accounting and Bookkeeping
IT Technology
Commodities Trading
Business Consulting
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